March 15, 2012

Psyched-up fans go all Galatasaray at an under 8s game. Match gets abandoned.

March 2, 2012

Lovingly narrated by John Sitton, here’s a great coaching video for AVB to use in preparation for Chelsea’s visit to the Hawthorns this weekend.

February 29, 2012
Chelsea players acting all Sunday league.

AVB: juxtapositioning.

Within the largely dog-eared world of amateur football if there’s such a thing as a journeyman, I’d have no shame in claiming to be one. Over the course of an un-illustrious 2 decade period during which I admit to donning a pair of white Nike Mercurial Vapours, I’ve been a promiscuous member of my local Sunday and Saturday league scene. And through that time I’d testify to seeing the lot. I’ve witnessed our keeper shit in a Spar bag on the way to a game, seen a lad turn up to training with Kvarme on the back of his Liverpool shirt, and worryingly, I’ve heard the word ‘bants’ being increasingly used around the dressing room.  

In an attempt to deftly steer into the oncoming path of the current hot topic, I too can conjure tales of player power. The issue is, when compared to the stories currently being hawked from the gates of Stamford Bridge and the calls for it to be outlawed, in the amateur game it’s a prerequisite.

You see the typical, amateur league outfit is made up of a squad of around 15, the manager and a fella named Kenneth who fills the water bottles. The club will have no real infrastructure to speak of and therefore no outlook, stability or security. The whole thing is haphazardly stitched together purely by the commitment of the aforementioned. And the upshot is that the manager has no real authority, with the players afforded all the elbow room they want. Thems be the rules.

That’s why players give team talks, defenders persuade the manager to start them up top, and star players sub themselves off after an hour because of a stag do. It happens at every amateur club each weekend, and always will. The likes of Terry, Lampard and Cech would fit right in at a club like ours.

Before signing off, I must add that I no longer wear white Nike Mercurial Vapours.

July 27, 2011
A post about not posting so much lately.!/no_hooligans

June 10, 2011
If he weren’t a footballer…


Steven Taylor : Movie extra

‘Born to perform’ were the very words of Steven Taylor’s Year 6 drama teacher, Mrs Drury, the day he first strode into class at Tyne and Wear elementary school. And nearly 20 years on, those immortalised words are still being regularly recited in and around Gateshead.

A commanding on screen presence and proven versatility, Taylor has the tools for a walk-on part in an independent  period drama, as well as being a member of a fleeing crowd in a big budget disaster movie. A popular fella in movie extra circles, his career highlight is starring as the third villager in M. N. Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender.

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